• Sumaiya Yakubu

You don’t have to be hit to know your are being abused or victimized as a woman.

Domestic violence comes in different forms and shapes. you can be abused by your brother, sister, mother, father, husband or your boyfriend.

It can be physical or emotional. Physical abuse is when you are being beaten or tortured whenever your perpetrator feels you have offended him or her. Every human being whether a man, woman or a child has the right to their fundamental human rights So you should be hit for exercising it.

Emotional abuse is when your abuser breaks you by making you feel worthless, inferior, under appreciated etc. for example if a man makes you feel you are ugly it’s an example of emotional abuse. The abuser isolates you from your friends and families. spread lies about you just because he wants you to be hopeless and no one to talk to. that is the worst of kind abuse to me or maybe it’s just because I am experiencing it at the moment.

my supposed husband, my father manipulated to me marry abuses me emotionally. he has forbade me to visits my family especially my mum and my father supports him. Locks me out of the house whenever he feels like it knowing I have no way to go.deny me access to my clothes whenever he feels like it, stops me from conducting any form of business that will generate income for me and then go around telling friends and family how a horrible human being i am claiming, I don’t cook for him or his children etc the list is long and I cannot even go on. he has Not hit me yet but this is the worst of all kind of abuse to me. I have no sanctuary to go at least not to my parents or any family member I know at the moment as they put all blames on me and I would have to go back to him out of respect for them.

But today I have made up my mind that I will not be victimized anymore. I will stand up for my rights and fight for others who need it.

I love being a woman and I will fight for my rights. For those of you facing similar case i am in, you are not alone and don’t forget to ask for help they are many organizations that can help you. people will laugh at you or throw shades at you just because they feel they can. but don’t ever let them break you because there is only one you and when you are gone your abuser will not miss you. so please stay strong.

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