• Sumaiya Yakubu


The harmattan is here and it happened to be in the most festive season of the year.

We know it is the most loved season of the year but our skin might disagree with us.

I use to hate this period (not the festivities though) because of the weather here in Nigeria. You use the normal body cream and your skin dries and cracks easily. Using butters such as Cocoa butter and Shea butter to help suite the skin in this period darkens it.

Because of this factor, I have designed Luscious Body Works products to protect you all year round. Whether is summer, rainy season or harmattan period Luscious products are there to protect your beautiful luscious skin.

All our products are made with the purest and finest organic ingredient that is why it does not upset your skin in anyway.

Our facial product is made specifically to mildly cleanse away any dead skin cells and bacteria while soothing and moisturizing the skin. It works in protecting the facial skin while revealing moist, hydrated and fortified skin. Your skin becomes silky smooth to touch and stronger than ever.

Also, the body products act in the same way, but it contains more hydrating and moisturising qualities to protect and fortify the skin during the day and all night.

Our face and body products are always there for you wherever you go. Not any factor can stop it from achieving its aim of protecting and fortifying your skin.

In-order words, Our products contain UV protector and healing properties for maximum effect.

Also, it fights hyperpigmentation and almost all skin disorder.

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